Posted by: Bob Ringma | July 26, 2011

The Field Ambulance

The RAPs and the Field Ambulance were also used to treat those who were ill.  A friend told me about his unique experience when he went to the Field Ambulance for help.  Returning from leave in Japan, he thought that he might have contracted a venereal disease but, worried about the rumour mill, he didn’t want to consult his own unit medical officer.  Instead, he went to the Field Ambulance.  Wandering casually into the officers’ mess, he sidled up to a doctor he knew and told him his problem.  “OK,” said the doc, “let’s go outside and take a leak.”  A few yards away from the mess tent, they stopped at a bush and opened their flies.  The doctor looked at my friend’s willy and said, “Relax, you didn’t catch anything.  Try getting a shower at the MLBU more often.”  If summary justice had a medical equivalent, that was it.


My own contact with 25 Field Ambulance was a little different.  I was driving past it one day at a very slow speed, maybe 5 mph, when a Korean  stepped right in front of me.  I simply could not avoid him, so down he went.  I stopped, of course, and was a little shaken to think that I had actually run down a human being.  The guy was moaning, but I managed to get him onto his feet and helped him limp in to the casualty admitting area.  He obviously had no broken bones but I was still worried.  A medical officer took one look at the fellow and told me to go on my way.  I offered to make out a report but he said it wasn’t necessary.  Life in the field may be rough at times but it can also be beautiful in its simplicity.


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