About the Book

M*L*B*U Full Monty in Korea, by Bob Ringma

War is usually portrayed in the popular media as the firing of weapons and the movement of troops, ships and aircraft.  It’s more than that.  Occasionally a movie such as M*A*S*H will show another side of war such as the medical.  But we don’t often hear about the logistical operations:  the furnishing of food, water, supplies, and, in this case, laundry and bath facilities.

Bob Ringma, as an officer in the Canadian Army during the Korean war, was assigned to the Mobile Laundry and Bath Unit — the MLBU.  It was his responsibility to move equipment and personnel to locations near the front where there was some source of running water, so that weary troops could be provided with the luxury of a shower and clean clothing.  The process of locating these sites was in itself an adventure.


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