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Bob Ringma transferred from the Canadian Army Special Force to the regular Canadian Army while serving in Korea.  He served in instructional, technical, staff and command positions in various positions with tours of duty in Fort Lee, Virginia, Vietnam, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe and throughout Canada.  He retired in the rank of Major General in 1983.



  1. Hi Bob:
    You may not remember me but our paths crossed a few times during my short seven years in the Ordnance Corps. Congrats on the Blog and history – excellent!!!

    • Sorry Dennis, I can’t place you but if you give me a few more details, perhaps I can. If you tell me the years when you served I can probably make a connection.

  2. Bob,

    I enjoyed your book as did many of our comrades who serve as volunteer interpreters at the CWM every week. I recall that you and Paula visited on one of my duty days.

    This is now the half-century of our graduation from the dear old Canadian Army Staff College. I do not know how many of us are still standing to raise a glass in June to commemorate “another day in which to excel” but at least the two of us can.

    Hope to see you two in Ottawa one of these days.

    Yours aye,


    • Ramsey,

      Good to hear from you. We missed seeing you at the GOM lunch on 21 Apr. We’re about due to visit the War Museum again so might run into you there.

      I’ll join you in a toast to our Staff College friends. Speaking of which, I have been in touch with Bill Richardson in connection with my blog and note with pleasure that he recently made a donation to Friends of the Canadian War Museum. Did you make him a member? If so, well done!

      Best wishes to you and Allison,


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